Full Strip Show

Cries of take it off won’t go unnoticed at this show, starting with a light tease things soon start to heat up as your hunk completes a full strip leaving not a shred of clothing left on his stunning body! This is 20 minutes of hot stuff and guaranteed action when you’re feeling a little […]

strip tease Melbourne double trouble show

Double Trouble Show

If one man isn’t enough for your group then why not step it up a notch and get two! That’s right 30-40 minutes with not just one hunk, but two, means that things are sure to get saucy in this strip. Without a doubt this is the best option for those times when you want […]

hens night Sydney

Beverage Package

Unlimitted Hens Night-In Package (HOME SERVICE)  From $65 per person (Minimum 20 guests) Unlimitted gourmet cocktails for 3 hours, this includes: -Gourmet cocktails -Mocktails -Beers -Wines -Champagne -Spirits -Mixed drinks -Soft drinks A professional, friendly Bartender at your service, mixing the delicious drinks fresh We set up all glass ware, cocktail equipment, refrigeration and fresh fruit […]